How to put together DIY Butterfly favor boxes

First look for the score lines on the first picture it looks like a cross.

Here it is opened up.

Fold the center first it makes it so much easier…

Now fold the other side

and the other side

This is what it will look like after you have all the sides folded

Fold one of the small bottom pieces up

now the center

now glue the small side that you have folded.

you will slide it into the large center piece and hold till glue sets

this picture shows you what it looks like from inside.

Now put glue on the other flap.

Slide that flap in just like you did the other one

another picture of what it looks like when you are finished with that part.

fold over into box.

Put glue on the flap

fold it over

Now we will work on the sides of the box.

Fold over the small flap

put glue on it

glue it to the other side, this is what it will look like when you have it together.

Fold the top flaps down

line up the butterflies

Make sure you line them all the way up, and this is what you will have. Do not glue top parts