Glitter collection


Glitter Christmas candy overlays set of two

Glitter angels holding a banner stand up

Glitter deer family set of four

Glittery Angel table set of seven

Adorable glitter Santa and reindeer silhouettes set of two


Cute glitter fairy silhouette set of four

Glitter adorable fairy silhouettes set of four

Glitter fairy on the moon silhouettes set of four

Glitter reclining fairy set of four

Glitter Carousel horse silhouettes set of four

Glitter Santa with baby Jesus silhouettes set of four


Glitter Christmas bell silhouettes set of four




Fairy pack set of five

Sweet dreams fairy on the moon silhouette

DIY Mission style fairy lantern

Fairy swinging on the moon silhouette

Adorable fairy silhouette

Fairy pack number two with a set of four

The fairy pack set of three fairies

Fairy with butterfly silhouette


Fancy spring fairy silhouette


Adorable fairy sitting silhouette

Adorable fairy laying down silhouette


Fancy fairy number 2 set of four

Fancy fairy silhouette number 1 set of four

Fairy cupcake toppers set of 12

Fairy with wand 2 silhouette

Fairy silhouette # 2

Fairy with wand silhouette

Moon fairy silhouette

Fairy with flower silhouette

DIY fairy lantern

DIY fairy on unicorn stand up

Fairy on the moon silhouette

Fairy on the moon Silhouette

DIY fairy house or gazebo

Fairy silhouette

DIY Fairy napkin ring set of twelve